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A good violin of Unknown Origin
Probably late 19th century

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Scrutiny of this violin reveals care in workmanship which places it above mere good commercial work and leads one to surmise that this may be the work of a master maker, although not known who. The label is very old and fragmented - blackened with age to the extent of being utterly illegible.

The scroll is impeccably balanced, refined and executed with unusual care and attention to detail. The Fs are crisp, tidy and balanced. The tracing of the purfling and execution of the corners and mitres are so good as to reflect the hand of a very experienced violin maker. And so, at this time, its origin remains unknown, but I would be greatly surprised if this is relegated to commercial work, which in my view it certainly is not. Since much of a violin's age is captured in its varnish and since this violin has been revarnished, it is difficult to assess its real age, but a calculated guess would put it at late- 19th century.

It has been subjected to a considerable number of repairs (see the report below), which obviously impact on its price, but it remains an instrument of merit - well-toned and responsive, which would serve an appreciative violinist very well for many years.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  This violin has had several repairs which have to be noted:
It has had a neck button graft, impeccably executed to the extent of being almost invisible. There is also a shim (wedge) fitted under the fingerboard, obviously to correct the neck elevation, and the fingerboard appears to be new.
This violin's original varnish was completely removed and it has been revarnished. This was well done in oil varnish.
Several cracks in the top have all been superbly cleated for their entire length and it can be said confidently that the instrument is structurally stable. Whoever performed the restoration did so conscientiously and with care, demonstrating appreciation for the quality of the violin and an understanding that this is a fine and deserving violin - a view I share.

Provenance :

Price : On request
The repairs this violin has had, has been taken into account in establishing its price.


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