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A good German violin labelled 'Joseph Kloz'.
Germany, circa 1890

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Although the label attributes this violin to 'Joseph Kloz, 17..' it is highly unlikely for this instrument to have been made by that maker who was active mainly in the 18th century; this violin is simply not that old and appears to have been made towards the end of the 19th century. Furthermore, this violin shows all the signs of workmanship normally associated with German commercial studios of the late 19th century through early 20th century.

However, this remains an instrument of considerable merit - certainly very well-toned and a pleasure to play on. It's responsive and answers to demand, speaking with ease. Choice of materials is good - the top is of very good tone spruce with a medium grain. The one-piece back, ribs and scroll are of somewhat plain maple - the back may be of a slab cut, but it's not easy to discern. The dark brown varnish is somewhat opaque and worn in places. Workmanship is good throughout, notably in the Fs and scroll, which is well-balanced and elegant.

This violin was recently fitted with a beautiful matching set of carved fittings, which adds to its elegance and appeal. All around this is an attractive violin with much to offer a talented young violinist.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  This violin is in superb condition, completely free from cracks or repairs. Varnish is worn in places.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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