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A very good Italian violin by
Evasio Emilio Guerra
Turin, 1920

Signed in the back by the maker

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Other than bearing this maker's known label, dated 1920 by hand, the maker also signed in the back near the endblock, 'Evasio Guerra, fece in Torino 1920, Italia. (See photo)

Evasio Emilio Guerra (1875 - 1956) started life as a violinist, but was attracted to violin making. He initially taught himself, but then apprenticed with the important maker, Carlo Oddone. After briefly working in England and France, he eventually established his workshop in Turin. He was known to have worked fast because he had many commissions, notably providing instruments for other important makers, such as Fagnola, Oddone, Rinaldi and also Francesco Guadagnini.

Despite the pressure he was under, Guerra maintained extremely high standards in workmanship, notably in his purfling and cornerwork. His work was greatly sought after by teachers and professional musicians, both in Italy and further abroad. He demonstrated superb skill, much in the genre or his teacher, Oddone. His personal instruments are made along the lines of Guadagnini and Rocca models and established him firmly as one of the finest 20th century Italian violin makers.

This violin shows Guerra's mastery in edgework with virtually perfect corners and mitres and finely crafted Fs. The purfling is absolutely superb and the scroll impeccable. The top is of medium grained tone spruce and the back, ribs and scroll of mildly flamed maple with a medium curl. This violin has been revarnished - see the notes below.

This violin is very well-toned, with robust projection and ease of execution.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  Structurally this violin is in superb condition, completely free from serious cracks.
This instrument was discovered in 2017 in a poor condition of neglect which necessitated the replacement of the neckblock. Upon opening the instrument, Guerra's signature was discovered in the back, near the endblock.
Sadly the original varnish had been compromised to the extent that it could no longer be restored, but the violin had to be revarnished. The dark marks seen in places is where dark varnish in an earlier restoration attempt entered the open endgrain of the wood and could not be removed. After careful study of Guerra's typical varnish colour, the violin was completely revarnished in a good oil varnish, bringing it as close as possible to Guerra's original work.

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar

Price : On request


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