Ref :   1035

A good 3/4 German violin by the firm of
Friederich August Glass

Labelled Stradivari
Germany, circa 1900 or earlier

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The origin of this violin is quite straight-forward. It is stamped GLASS on the back just below the neck button and is labelled as being a Stradivari copy by the firm of Friederich August Glass. This clearly establishes its German trade origin.

Furthermore, during a recent internal repair, when the top was removed, a repair inscription was found written in the top to the effect that the violin was repaired by H. H. Saby in Cape Town in May 1907, apparently to repair damage to the lower treble rib. (See photos.) Saby was an important English violin maker during the Victorian era and settled in Cape Town where he was greatly respected for work in violin restoration. This also means that this violin is much older than it looks, probably having been made around 1900 or earlier and was in very good hands at that time.

What impresses in this violin is the exceptional choice of materials - the two-piece back, ribs and scroll are of truly exquisite well-figured maple with a distinct straight medium to narrow curl, all ostensibly from the same piece of wood. The top is of excellent tone-spruce with a medium to narrow grain. The Fs are refined and the tracing of the purfling shows a steady and experienced hand - with superb mitres in the corners. The scroll is elegant and balanced.

This violin is fitted with a student type tailpiece which would suit a young violinist and is very well-toned, which should open a door to unrestrained progress.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 33.0 cm

Condition :
  Very good condition.
Other than a repaired crack in the top running in the lower treble sector, this violin is in superb structural condition. The original varnish was in a state of extreme degradation, hence the varnish was removed and the instrument revarnished (not by me!), much to its advantage.
Overall the violin is appealing on the eye, due largely to the beautiful maple used in its making.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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