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An old violin of Unknown Origin, labelled 'David Tecchler'
Circa 1860

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Although fitted with a very convincing David Tecchler label, this violin manifestly has nothing to do with that maker and almost certainly is a trade (commercial) instrument from around the mid-19th century. It is conceivable, under scrutiny, that this is a composite instrument, built around a very good back and ribs, but the top, neck and scroll having been added later. It appears that the purfling and mitres in the back are not only different, but also superior to that in the top.

Its exact origin is unknown at this time. It shows its genuine age, but was also originally antiqued to look older than it is. The result is a very charming instrument, not only with lots of visual appeal, but also very well-toned with rich and focused sonority - a pleasure to play due to its easy and rewarding response.

It has had many repairs, and although these are quite evident, it can be said with confidence that all the repairs are thoroughly done, leaving the violin structurally secure. One gets the impression when examining the inside of the violin that the workman who did the repairs had genuine appreciation for this violin.

The one-piece back is genuinely attractive, of good mildly-flamed maple with a narrow to medium curl. The top is of good quality tone spruce, with narrow grain at the centre which widens to the flanks. The Fs and scroll are more perfunctory than refined. The pegs and setup are recent.

This violin should appeal to any violinist who likes personality and character in a violin, but who also appreciates satisfying tonal response.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36 cm

Condition :
  This violin's top has had several cracks which have all been solidly repaired, complete with cleats and a well-executed soundpost patch in the top. It can be said confidently that this violin is structurally secure and should serve in its present condition for many decades to come.
The pegs are new and the fingerboard is recently reprofiled.

Provenance :
  Unknown. Owned by Johan Grobbelaar

Price : On request


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