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A very good and interesting violin
Unlabelled. Possibly Italian
Circa 1935

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This violin is characterized by an unusually strong tone with ample clarity, projection and good balance over the full register and in all positions, yet imbued with a somewhat darker depth and warmth that doesn't fail to seduce and impress. It is essentially a violinist's violin. The impression is that it was made some time in the 1930s or maybe a bit later.

Although unlabelled, much about this instrument is reminiscent of the workmanship of Alfredo G. Galea (1909-1994), notably in its dimensions, modeling, and treatment of the scroll, purfling and corners, overall workmanship and in the varnish. It appears that this violin was varnished twice over, the first varnish probably having been a reddish-brown colour. However, the final varnish is an attractive golden colour with a touch of amber, which largely was Galea's varnish of choice. However, since Galea almost always branded his instruments at various places in the inside - absent in this violin - it could not be stated with any certainty that this is his work, hence at this time it remains of unknown origin.

The two-piece back is of mildly figured maple with a medium to broad curl running straight across from side to side and also matched in the neck and scroll. The ribs are of wood with a narrower curl. The top is of excellent tone spruce with very even and medium growth lines. Workmanship throughout is superb.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.5 cm
Bouts: 16.8, 11.3, 20.8 cm

Condition :
  Structurally in impeccable condition. This violin's back was revarnished about 20 years ago and it appears to have been professionally done.
It has new pegs, a new nut and a fresh setup, including new soundpost and bridge, all by Johan Grobbelaar.

Provenance :
  Previous ownership withheld. This violin was bought by Johan Grobbelaar, who sold it to the Kellner family in Johannesburg for use by their daughter, Gilah.

Price : On request


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