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A good French violin by
Ch. J.B. Collin-Mézin Père
Paris, 1897

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There were two Collin-Mézins - father and son. The father (1841-1923) was Charles Jean Baptiste and the son (b.1870) was named Charles. The father's instruments are generally considered more desirable than those of the son who operated a large studio in Mirecourt after returning from the USA in 1900.

Ch. J. B. Collin-Mézin (the father) initially studied with his own father and later worked for Claude Francois Vuillaume in Brussels. He then started his own studio in Paris in 1867 where he remained until his death in 1923. As violinmaker he won numerous important prizes and awards and is considered as one of the important French violinmakers of his time. His instruments today are very sought-after and appreciated by professional musicians the world over.

This violin is characterized by the meticulous workmanship normally associated with this maker's work, notably in the impeccable tracing of purfling, the mitres and cornerwork. Furthermore, as with almost all other instruments by Collin-Mézin Père, the selection of materials is characteristic and striking - beautifully flamed back and sides are combined with excellent tone spruce in the top, of which the very fine grain at the centre seam widens out to the flanks. The golden-brown varnish is highly transparent complimenting the woods and allowing for fine interaction between the wood and light.

Other than the label which is associated with this maker's work, the violin bears the maker's signature in the back, near the soundpost and is also dated by hand. The overall modeling and appearance of this violin is highly characteristic of this maker's work.

This violin is well-toned and has been in professional use for many years. .


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.9 cm

Condition :
  This violin is in excellent condition, free from evident repairs or cracks. Some superficial scratches and wear marks add to the character of the violin and pose no threat to its structural integrity. It was recently fitted with a new nut (top saddle) and a fresh set of pegs.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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