Ref :   1014

A good French violin of Unknown Origin
Circa 1890

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This unlabeled violin intrigues on several levels: at first glance it could be easily dismissed as just another good trade violin from one of the better Mirecourt workshops. However, it has been subject to a neck replacement displaying excellent workmanship resulting in a superb neck graft and ebony crown fitted to the neck root - a procedure which would not normally be carried out on a lesser instrument. Furthermore, it appears that this work was done by the workshop of J.&A. Beare, whose bridge is still fitted to the violin. Since that London-based firm is known for extreme discernment in the instruments they manage and work on, it forces one to look at this violin twice.

What strikes one firstly is that it is a very well-toned instrument. Furthermore, the scroll reflects attention to detail - a cut above the mere perfunctory work associated with even the better commercial workshops. Although unlabelled, almost every aspect of the violin speaks of French workmanship, taste and modelling, notably in the arching, the choice of a very open-grained top, the varnish and also the somewhat long back length of 360 mm. A calculated guess would put the time of its making at the late 19th century. It could be that the violin was revarnished at some point in a varnish that is less transparent than ideal, but by and large this is a very good instrument which is a pleasure to play on.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36.0 cm

Condition :
  Structurally this violin is in excellent condition. A wingcrack on the treble side has been repaired and is stable. Other than that this violin is free from evident repairs and it appears that the varnish has been lightly touched up in places where it was a bit worn.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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