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A very good French violin bow stamped
Probably by Marc Laberte
Mirecourt, circa 1920

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The elegance of this bow's head with its slightly elongated nose and somewhat delicate appearance serve as strong identifiers for the work of Marc Laberte (1880-1963). Other than that, it bears the stamp LABERTE, upside down in the usual place. Laberte also appreciated the properties of bows tending to the heavier side, combined with firmness, as is the case in this bow, which weighs in at 61.8 gm. In fact, his bows under 62 gm are more the exception than the rule.

Laberte is known principally for being the director of the firm of Laberte-Humbert Frères which established itself in Mirecourt as one of the foremost producers of very good trade instruments and bows. He was though a superb violinmaker and bowmaker. After that firm's merger in 1920 with Fournier Magnié the business expanded and reached its zenith in standards. Management was eventually left in the hands of Laberte's son, Philippe, which left Laberte free to focus on making instruments and bows.

This bow has all the superb playing properties one would expect of a good Laberte, and above all of a good French bow. It articulates well and is superbly balanced and steady.

This bow is in superb condition - the stamp LABERTE has been damaged slightly, apparently in an effort to remove an older thumbpad and lapping, but enough of it remains to serve as clear identifier. Although the frog may be the original, I doubt that is adjuster is original.

This is a superb bow by all standards and in excellent condition.

Weight : 61.8 g

The Stick :
  Pernambuco, round

The Nut :
  Ebony with simple eye

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Black imitation whalebone lapping with black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
The stamp was slightly damaged in an earlier effort to remove lapping and thumbpad.

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar

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