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An interesting violin labelled Moretti, Cremona, 1832
Authorship unknown
Circa 1880 or later

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This violin is made of unusually attractive maple in the two-piece back and ribs and has a strong overall visual appeal. The top is likewise of well-chosen tone spruce with narrow to medium growth lines. The light golden-brown varnish is highly transparent and compliments the instrument well.

What makes this violin very interesting is that the old, worn and authentic-looking labelling in the centre back ascribes it to a certain Moretti (first name worn away), son of Antonio, made in Cremona, dated 1832 (with the date looking as if added later, possibly by a repairer) - see photos. The violin also bears a repair label which is largely indecipherable (maybe German), with an illegible date. However, there is considerable disparity between the labelling and the violin's actual physical appearance, which simply doesn't underscore such an age, unless of course the label correctly is of a Moretti who worked in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, with the date (1832) penned in by another person at a later time. Furthermore, in examining closely any age-related wear patterns in this violin leads one to conclude that it was probably made around the late 19th or the early 20th century at the oldest, maybe even up to around 1925.

The arching and overall feel of this violin is more reminiscent of Italian predilections than German.On the other hand, a back length of 360 mm would almost certainly exclude Italian authorship and maybe point at Mirecourt, but this violin simply isn't French by any stretch of imagination, which leaves a wide scope for authorship. One expert commentator felt it could be of the Dutch school. One thing is certain - relegating it simply to a German trade studio is not viable either, because the inside work shows attention to detail and a meticulous consideration that reaches far beyond any German trade studio.

Whatever the truth is, it is a very well-made instrument which appears to be based on the Amati model - it has excellent tonal properties which reflect maturity, easy response and good balance over the register. It certainly works well with just about any demand made on it and can without any reservation be called a very good violin which would serve a good violinist very well.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36.0 cm

Condition :
  Superb condition.
Except for a repaired wingcrack, this violin is free from discernable repairs or cracks. No neck graft, low overstand.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.


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