Ref :   0986

A very good Bavarian violin by
Georg Karner
Active 1790 - 1800
Mittenwald, 1796

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George Karner was a student of George Klotz and was active in Mittenwald between 1790 and 1800. The violin's label conforms precisely to Karner's known labels and is dated 1796 by hand. There is no plausible reason to doubt that this is Karner's personal work.

In writing about this maker, William Henley mentions 'careful workmanship', which indeed applies to this violin. The two-piece back, sides, neck and scroll are of good maple and the top of finely-grained tone-spruce. The modelling is certainly close to the work of the Georg Klotz with a solid outline and quite deep arching. Purfling is refined with excellent mitres. Varnish is dark brown and slightly opaque, over yellow ground, worn at places, adding to the sense of age and good use. The violin also has a superb neck graft.

This instrument bears a repair label indicating that work was done on it by Franciscus Schneider in Zagreb in 1958.

This violin would be a superb career instrument and good investment for a violinist who is partial to old instruments. It is well-toned and responsive and rewarding to play.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36.1 cm

Condition :
  Very good condition throughout.
A crack in the top was superbly repaired, being virtually invisible, as well as a repair to a soundpost crack in the top with an impeccable patch grafted into the inside. It also appears that neck button graft was done and seems to have been done very long ago. All cleating and repairs reveal an exceptionally high level of workmanship, probably by Franciscus Schneider in Zagreb in 1958 and one can confidently say that this violin is structurally very secure.
The dark mark in the lower right quarter of the back is a distinct natural sap mark in the wood and is not a crack.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.


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