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A good German Lady's violin
Probably from Markneukirchen, circa 1930

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The length of back on this violin is barely one centimetre shorter than full-size, situating it somewhere between a 7/8th and a full-size. This would more correctly be viewed as a Lady's violin - not made for child but rather for a small adult.

It is fitted with a generic Amati label, but other than being roughly based on the Amati model, it manifestly has nothing to do with that maker and is certainly a German trade (commercial) instrument from around 1930, probably made in Markneukirchen or Mittenwald.

This violin is characterized by very dark, almost black, varnish, worn at places and not without considerable visual appeal and charm. It manifests many of the techniques used in trade work: a fake neck graft, artificially induced "wear" to make the violin look older, an absence of purfling with the lines drawn in and antiquing techniques such as many scratches and marks - all deliberately effected. Other than one genuine repair to a crack in the top, all the other "cracks" are in fact fake - lines scratched into the wood to appear as cracks. In reality it is a 20th century instrument in extremely good condition.

This charming instrument is very well-toned, responsive and focussed and would suit a small adult or child very well.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 34.9 cm

Condition :
  Other than a repaired crack in the top running from the treble F down to the rib, this violin is in superb condition. It was subject of severe antiquing at manufacture and all scratches and wear are deliberately induced. Several lines were scratched on to resemble cracks, but certainly have no structural implication.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.


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