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A good cello of French Origin
Lyon, 2015

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Two things strike one immediately about this cello. Firstly, it is exceptionally appealing visually. In line with the French predilection for nicely flamed backs and sides, this instrument's back is of very attractive maple with a distinct medium figure forming a type of 'herring bone' effect with the curl sloping down sharply from the centre line to the flanks, varnished in an attractive dark red-brown colour of high transparency which really compliments the wood well. The top is likewise of good tone spruce. The neck and scroll are less flamed, but the scroll manifests balanced and elegant work.

Secondly, and certainly more importantly - this cello speaks with an exceptionally easy response, requiring very little effort to produce a resonant and focussed tone with big projection, making it really easy and rewarding to play - a great asset for a talented student wishing to make rapid progress without being hampered by a dull and unresponsive instrument.

It's a new instrument, newly set up with a Belgian bridge and currently fitted with high-end professional strings (- Evah Pirazzis by Pirastro).


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model.
Stop length: 69 cm

Condition :
  Pristine. A new instrument.
The varnish is lightly antiqued to create the impression of aging.

Provenance :
  Owned by Johan Grobbelaar

Price : R55 000
Approximately US$ 3 500
This cello was imported at an exchange rate of R15.80 to the Dollar. In 2011 the same instrument would have cost R 24 000.


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