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A very good violin of Chinese Origin

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If a violin's success is measured in it's power, responsiveness, focus, projection and ease of performance and it meets those requirement, then good looks and refined workmanship which respect the traditions and norms of good lutherie are an added bonus. When all those elements are present, you have a successful instrument.

So far all who have played this violin have expressed sincere appreciation for its excellent properties and visual appeal. It is an instrument of high order within the bracket of high-end trade instruments.

The choice of materials is superb - from a lovely even-grained tone-spruce top to the beautifully flamed two-piece back, the wood shows discernment. It is in the attention to detail that the story is told - in the purfling, corners and crisp Fs one reads the seriousness intent of conforming to the traditions of good lutherie, transcending mere functionality and commercialism.

This violin was made in a high-end studio in China in 2015. With instruments like these the Chinese are demonstrating why they are now indisputably leading the world in high quality trade instrument - a position previously occupied by Germany and France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but definitely now occupied by the more reputable studios in China.

Unfortunately we don't always see the finest Chinese output in South Africa, mainly because the big importers and distributors of such instruments usually import only the lower and cheaper options in the available ranges into this country, leading musicians to believe that there is nothing better available from China - but how far from the truth! Workmanship and materials in contemporary Chinese lutherie rival, and in many ways have surpassed, the finest output of current European studios. It is a simple reality that almost all beginner and student instruments, irrespective of the label, are now manufactured in China, in many cases under the auspices of European and American Firms and labels.

This violin meets high expectations. It has the properties of instruments which would normally cost twice as much, yet remains within reach of most.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model.
Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
Fitted with Tomastik Dominant professional strings and ebony fittings with the Parisian Eye motive.

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar

Price : Withheld
This violin rivals instruments that cost twice as much.


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