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A good Student Cello of Chinese Origin
Beijing, 1915

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This cello completely outplays any of its direct competitors in this class of student instrument. The equivalent in the main brands available in South Africa - which are imported per ton, distributed per dozen to retailers and sold per kilogram (figuratively) - simply cannot compete in tone quality, responsiveness, ease of performance - all essentials for those learning to play well. This cello rewards input and effort with a positive response and will give whatever is asked of it.

The main reason for this is because it has been correctly set up and finished off after arriving from the factory. What is not always understood by some importers and distributors of such student instruments, is that the instruments are NOT finished off entirely or ready to play when shipped. It is understood by the manufacturer that pegs still have to be fitted correctly, string grooves in the nut and bridge have to be finished off and adjusted correctly, the bridge has to be finished off to taste, and the soundpost and its setting still have to be reviewed. In many cases this is neglected due to ignorance because everyone thinks the instrument is ready when it arrives and hapless students end up with instruments that are not finished off correctly and NEVER sounds good, no matter how hard the student tries.

Compounding the problem, such instruments sold in some retail points are promoted by staff who simply have no understanding of string instruments, or of playing them - worse, of assessing them to see whether they comply to minimum requirements for performance.

In this case this cello, and of all others on offer by this dealership, the top saddle, the bridge (Belgian) and the soundpost have all been optimized and adjusted to the correct norms conforming to the highest standards. NO guesswork here! Everything is correct, and you can feel it and hear it.

With instruments like these the Chinese are demonstrating why they are now indisputable leading the world in high quality trade instruments - a position previously occupied by Germany and France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but definitely now occupied by the more reputable studios in China. Unfortunately we don't always see the finest Chinese output in South Africa, mainly because the big importers and distributors of such instruments usually import only the lowest and cheapest of the available ranges into this country, leading musicians to think that there is nothing better available from China - but how far from the truth! Workmanship and materials in contemporary Chinese lutherie rival, and in many ways have surpassed, the finest output of current European studios. It is a simple reality that almost all beginner and student instruments, irrespective of the label, is now manufactured in China, in many cases under the auspices of European and American Firms and labels.

As a student instrument this cello is very well-toned and a pleasure to play on.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model.
Stop length: 69 cm

Condition :

Provenance :
  Owned by Johan Grobbelaar

Price : R22 000
Aproximately US$ 1 620


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