Ref :   0941

A good German copy of Stradivari
Acquired and sold by the firm of Louis Dölling.

Markneukirchen. Circa 1910

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George Louis Dölling (1860 - 1917) worked variously in Leipzig and Breslau, but after 1884 he settled in Markneukirchen where he founded an important violin dealership bearing his name and which earned a solid reputation for discernment through the instruments they dealt with.

It is unlikely that this violin is Louis Dölling's personal work, but it bears the label of the Dölling enterprise in Markneukirchen, partly over an earlier generic Stradivari label. This suggests with certainty that this violin was acquired by Dölling from another source and dealt with through his business - a fact that attests to the high quality and standards evident in this violin.

This violin is undated but appears to have been made in the very early 20th century, probably around 1910. Its actual authorship is unknown but it can be stated with confidence that it was likely made in Markneukirchen as a high-end trade instrument.

This is as good as it gets in German trade work - this is a beautiful violin visually and it is superbly toned with big, strong and open sound that allows for subtlety in colour. When handling and playing on it, it becomes immediately apparent why Dölling would have wanted to acquire it for his dealership.

This violin is an intended copy of the Stradivari model. The one-piece back is really attractive of a narrow-curled maple with distinct flame. The same material is used for the ribs, neck and scroll, making this a really handsome violin. The top is of fine tone spruce with a very narrow winter growth. The arching is full without being high. The violin is covered in a golden brown spirit-based varnish, with an appealing tinge of red, particularly in the back (see photos).

It has been freshly set up - new bridge, soundpost and new ebony Hill tailpiece with a Guarneri-type chinrest.

This is a good violin by all standards.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  It is in excellent condition with no cracks or evident repairs anywhere. It has some wear marks and a few scratches consistent with an instrument that was much used for about 100 years.

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar

Price : Withheld


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