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A good silver-mounted violin bow from the firm of
H. R. Pretzschner
Markneukirchen, circa 1930

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By the time of his death in 1921, the important German bow maker, H. R. Pfretzschner's workshop and business were firmly in the hands of his two sons, Hermann and Berthold, who continued expanding the studio's output and influence. Already from 1880 onwards the Pfretzschner studio produced unstamped bows for other dealerships. As with the Hill business model, the Pfretzschner workshop employed a number of master craftsmen who made bows for the studio and such bows were always stamped 'H. R. Pfretzschner'. From 1901 onwards these bows also had a crest stamped into the frog. As the output expanded, bows were also being exported and such bows, destined for other countries, were stamped 'Germany' on the underside, between the adjuster and frog, as is in this case (see photos). Such bows manifestly had nothing to do with the great master himself.

This bow, probably made around 1930, is in impeccable condition, all parts original. Being somewhat light, it has a quality of elegance, which also facilitates the execution of rapid strokes and virtuoso-type passages. The head with its somewhat broad champhers betray the French influence of Voirin from H. R.'s early experience under J-B Vuillaume - an influence he never shook off and which permeated the output of the Pfretzschner workshop for decades.

This is an excellent bow with refined properties, allowing for subtleties in execution. It has good articulation and balance. It is as much a pleasure to play with as it is to look at.

Weight : 58 g

The Stick :
  Round, of high-grade pernambuco

The Nut :
  Plain ebony, bearing the Pfretzschner crest on the player's side.

Mountings :
  Good silver, with a three-ring adjuster button which appears to be the original.

Lapping :
  Silver-plated copper tinsel lapping with the silver worn off. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
  Excellent. Stick perfectly straight with healthy camber.

Provenance :

Price : On request
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