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A very good
Lady's Cello
Size 7/8th
German. 2014

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Please note: This cello has been sold, but is left on display here as example of the superb quality of Lady's cellos (7/8th) obtainable through this dealership. It is becoming increasingly popular for smaller adults or persons with smaller hands to opt for such good slightly undersized instruments, of which this is a superb example.

It is very seldom that a student cellist pass from a -size instrument to a 7/8th and then to a full-size. The transition is usually from directly to full-size - skipping the 7/8th. So, where do 7/8th instruments fit into the picture?

In reality 7/8th size instruments were originally never intended as a stepping stone for growing student cellists, but were actually made for small adults - usually women or small men who were having problems playing full-size instruments due to small hands or simply a smaller physique. It's a further reality that with very few exceptions virtually ALL 7/8th instruments having been sold through this dealership were for the use of small adults. For this reason makers often give more attention to 7/8th instruments and their qualities than they would for usual undersized child instruments and many such 7/8ths are of very high and serious professional quality, more appropriately termed 'Ladies' instruments.

Furthermore, this nomenclature of instrument sizes into various fractions ranging from 1/16th, an 1/8th, a , half etc through to full-size is a development associated with large studios and factories in order to standardize sizes so that you know what you buying. In earlier history makers didn't use such exact fractions, but rather referred simply to child violins or small violins. They were usually made for specific children and hence the fraction nomenclature was superfluous.

This cello is a good example of such a smaller instrument conforming to the requirements in a professional-quality cello. Firstly and foremost - the tone is superb. The tonal properties are refined, open, strong, nicely balanced and with projection - very easy to play and with quick response.

Secondly, the choice of materials is excellent and very attractive - the maple used for the two-piece back, ribs, neck and scroll has a very distinct flame with a narrow straight curl - truly beautiful with strong visual impact. The top is of very attractive tone spruce with fairly narrow to medium growth lines. Workmanship is highly refined throughout, evident in the cornerwork, the purfling and fine mitres, also in the beautifully carved scroll.

The varnish is a lovely intense reddish brown and has been deliberately reworked just enough to break the 'new' look and give it an aged appearance without actually antiquing the instrument. All who have seen this cello loved this aspect.

This is a good cello from every perspective with all the qualities one would expect from a professional instrument.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 71.8 cm (7/8th size instrument)
String stop length: 66.6 cm
Stradivari model

Condition :
  Impeccable condition. New.
The varnish is reworked slightly to create the impression of some aging and use, but is not fully antiqued.

Provenance :
  Imported from Germany.
The property of Johan Grobbelaar

Price : Withheld


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