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A fine German violin bow by
Friedrich Wunderlich
(1876 - 1966)
Leipzig, c. 1940

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This bow has the playing properties that immediately please the most discerning musician. It is beautifully crafted to the highest standards of excellent materials and is also appealing on eye. Everything about this bow pleases - it is arguably one of the finest bows I've played with so far.

Friedrich Wunderlich was born in 1876 in Zwota (Germany) and initially studied bow making under Nürnberger. He set up a studio in Markneukirchen, but in 1898 moved to Leipzig, where he settled. Henley describes his work in superlatives, calling it 'faultless workmanship', which, judging from this bow, is an apt description. By the time of his death in 1966 (aged 90), he was regarded with the greatest respect for his achievements as bow maker and for the refinement and mastery of his craft.

Interestingly, every component of his bows were made by him personally. Furthermore, he didn't use shellac in the polishing process of the sticks, so that they could later be cleaned with alcohol, which would otherwise devastate the shellac.

In this bow, the stick is firm and allows for direct control of the string, yet permits 'tonal space' - interacting with the string to imbue any violin's tone with a noble golden quality - something few bow makers achieved. The bow is very stable and articulates well, allowing for the successful execution of a wide range of strokes and tonal subtleties.

This bow is in superb condition.

Weight : 63 g

The Stick :
  Superb pernambuco, cut round

The Nut :
  Ebony with parisian eye, rounded heel. Three-ring adjuster button.

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Silver-plated wire lapping with black ostrich shin leather thumbpad - both recent by Svend Christensen.

Tip Slide :
  Appears to be ivory.

Condition :
  Excellent condition. Freshly rehaired with Mongolian stallion hair.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.
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