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A good French violin bow stamped
Mirecourt, circa 1910

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Eugène Cuniot (1861-1912) married a lady surnamed Hury and stamped his bows 'Cuniot-Hury'. After his death in 1912 the business was perpetuated by his assistants until 1920. During his lifetime he received numerous awards and diplomas of achievement and his work is today considered with respect.

It would require examination by an authority to determine whether this bow is the personal work of Eugène Cuniot, or that of his studio craftsmen after his death. The stick may have been by Cuniot and frog and adjuster fitted later. But it is also conceivable that the bow was produced after his death.

The stick is excellent by all standards - of very beautiful Pernambuco cut round. The workmanship in this bow is refined - it has an elegant head with finely crafted chamfers. The silver-nickel mountings and adjuster suggest that it probably dates from after Cuniot's death, as his personal work would almost certainly have been silver mounted. But again, the stick may well have been Cuniot's work.

The playing properties are good and conform to what one would expect from such a famed bow making studio.

Weight : 61 g

The Stick :
  Fine Pernambuco cut round. Free from repairs or cracks.

The Nut :
  Ebony with a simple eye. Simple adjuster button.

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Silver-plated copper wire, with most of the silver worn off. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :
  It seems to be ivory.

Condition :
  In very good condition. The bow is straight and the camber is good. Minor repairs have been effected to the frog, restoring the upper edges against the underslide. The ferule has suffered minor distortion as a result of careless rehairings.

Provenance :

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