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A very good French trade violin labelled
Jean-Baptiste COLIN
Mirecourt, 1896

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There was no individual violin maker named Jean-Baptiste Colin, at least not in standard violinmaking literature. Labels bearing this name are associated with high-end French trade instruments made in Mirecourt, according to William Henley. (History has known a maker named Jean Colin, but he worked during the 18th century and this is manifestly not his work.)

Henley describes these instruments in positive terms, mentioning that they always made of attractive wood with "pretty backs". Varnish varied from light yellowish (used on instruments that deliberately copied the work of Collin-Mézin) to deep red-brown. He describes the tone as generally being strong. He accurately describes the printed label, which leaves no doubt about the origin of this violin, dated 1896 by hand.

What strikes one immediately of this violin is the attractive choice of materials - the two-piece back, ribs, neck and scroll are of well-figured maple with a distinct deep flame of medium curl. The top is of good closely grained tone spruce. Purfling and particularly the cornerwork and mitres are exceptionally tidy. The reddish-brown varnish is unusually transparent, allowing the wood the be shown off well.

There are a few minor blemishes in the varnish on the top, notably in an area below the bass f-hole. It really does not detract from a very attractive violin and what caused it is not known. As it is now, this violin is in excellent condition and structurally perfectly secure.

It is very well-toned and a pleasure to play on and is eminently suitable for performance of a very demanding nature. It has been equal to any demand placed on it by those trying it out.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. No cracks or evident repairs, The varnish in the top has sustained some minor blemishing and age-related marks.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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