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A German violin labelled
Georg Kloz, 17..
Probably Mittenwald, circa 1880 or later.

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This violin has a very convincing replicated label of Georg Kloz (1687-1737) who was a contemporary of Stradivari - almost illegible (see photo).

However, a closer examination reveals many of the techniques and trappings of mid- to late 19th century German trade workmanship, leading one to conclude that it has nothing to do with that maker. Two things stand out in this respect - the scroll truly is perfunctory, with incomplete fluting; the two somewhat conspicuous 'cracks' in top are actually not cracks at all, but scratches carefully executed to resemble cracks, done to make the violin look older. Furthermore, the general wear on the body and corners simply don't tally with what one would expect from a violin of around 300 years old. A calculated guess would date it to around 1880 or later, but it's probably not older.

The conclusion is that this violin is in fact in very good structural condition, despite a few repaired seam separations to the lower back and ribs and a wing crack to the treble F. Some worm damage to the upper treble rib has been repaired and poses no threat to structural security.

The slab-cut one-piece maple back, ribs, neck and scroll are of somewhat plain wood, but not unappealing. The top is of finely-grained tone spruce. Workmanship and cornerwork are tidy. This instrument is unusually highly arched, even by German standards.

This violin is well-toned and a pleasure to play. It should serve a musician for many decades to come.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  The two 'cracks' in the top are fakes scratched into the violin to antique it. Repairs to the seam separations at the lower back / rib area are secure, but could have been tidier. The worm damage to the upper treble rib has been repaired and it can be said with confidence that this violin is structurally secure.
The endpin, tailpiece, soundpost, bridge and pegs are new.
This violin has been revarnished in its entirety, but it's not known by whom.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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