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A very good cello
Selected and imported from Germany by Johan Grobbelaar


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This is an impressive instrument made of unusually attractive materials. The tone is distinctly of soloistic quality - strong and balanced with a lot of carrying power and penetration. It is eminently suitable for solo work.

This cello was especially commissioned by this dealership and made along determined specifications. The objective was an instrument with strong soloistic properties. The result is an instrument representing an amalgam of excellent workmanship and a choice of fine materials resulting in superb tonal properties which competes with the best output of some of the foremost makers.

This cello's most striking feature is its two-piece back of attractive distinctly flamed maple of broad curl sloping downward to the centre line and also repeated in the sides. The neck and scroll are less flamed. The top is of excellent tone spruce with narrow growth lines at the centre line, broadening slightly to the flanks - indication of much desired slow growth in high and cold altitudes. Purfling and corner work is superb - fine well-controlled work showing a steady hand. The mitres truly impress - ending in fine bee-stings which are generally difficult to accomplish successfully (see photos below). The Fs are elegant and crisp. The red-brown oil varnish compliments the instrument nicely.

At this time this cello is fitted with a Belgian bridge. The sound post was especially crafted from a 130-year old piano soundboard strut - to excellent effect (see photo).

This cello convinces as a serious instrument which conforms to all the qualities one would expect from a professional cello. It is was recently on loan to the young Free State cellist, Chris van Zyl, who used it for a performance of the Elgar Concerto late in August. According to Chris this cello more than met his requirements for the performance. It has since been returned.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size. Based on the Stradivari pattern.

Condition :
  Brand new

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar.
This cello was recently on loan to the young Free State cellist, Chris van Zyl, for a performance of the Elgar cello concerto. It has since been returned.

Price : Withheld
The decline of almost 40% in the value of the Rand over the past four years has led to a severe increase in the cost and importation of such instruments and of setting them up. The increase in price is regrettable but no longer avoidable.


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