Ref :   0849

A very good German violin
Labelled 'Carlo Testore'
Gemany, c. 1780

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This violin is exceptionally well-toned by all standards, with an open and easy response, focussed and balanced, rich in the bottom end and with beautiful clarity and power in the high register. It is a real pleasure to play on the with maturity that comes over over a long period of time - in this case some 230 years.

The workmanship and modelling in this instrument points at German origins, from the late 18th century. Although fitted with an exact replica of a Carlo Testore label, this violin manifestly has nothing to do with that maker and remains of unknown authorship.

It is an appealing instrument made of a good choice of materials - from the nicely flamed two-piece back to the good tone spruce top. Workmanship is fine and accurate. All maintenance to this violin (complete rebushing of the pegholes and a repaired front lower treble corner) have been executed with care and mastery.


Dimensions :
  LOB: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  Excellent condition.
This violin has a superb neck graft. The pegholes have been completely rebushed. Lower treble corner in the top was replaced. A crack running along the treble edge of the tailpiece from the saddle upwards has been repaired. A later coat of varnish over the original varnish has been removed successfully, exposing the origin varnish.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.


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