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A Good Cello
Commissioned by Johan Grobbelaar

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Rather than following the Stradivari model, this cello is loosely based on the Montagnana pattern - preferred by many cellists for its wider structure which has been associated with richer and deeper sonority. The instrument has also been antiqued to have the appearance of an 18th century cello - very nicely done and very much a norm in lutherie today, to the extent that antiquing is a requirement in some international violinmaking competitions such as the Violin Society of America Competition.

Close examination of this instrument shows remarkably tidy work with meticulous attention to detail - take a look at the photos and in particular the cornerwork which shows impeccable mitres and finish to the corner shape. The scroll is exceptionally balanced and elegant. Throughout this cello gives evidence of craftsmanship of a high order.

Everything about this cello is pleasing - from its truly attractive visual appeal to its tonal properties which can be described as rich, sonorous and responsive - easy to play on. The tone is of soloistic quality - balanced with good carrying power and penetration.

The two-piece back and sides are of well-flamed maple with an irregular mild medium curl that truly appeals. Material for the top is unusually well-chosen - an attractive finely grained tone spruce of slow growth, with narrow winter growth in the centre widening to the flanks. The neck and scroll are of lesser flamed material. The deep red-brown varnish is based on a French recipe and beautifully compliments the wood, adding a rich lustre to the appearance.

This cello was especially commissioned and it took 2 months to complete. The objective was an instrument with strong tonal properties. The result is a cello representing an amalgam of excellent workmanship and an excellent choice of materials resulting in excellent tonal properties which competes with the best output of some leading master instrument builders.

This cello convinces as a serious instrument that conforms to the properties one would expect from a professional cello.



Dimensions :
  Standard full-size, based on the Montagnana pattern.
Length of back: 74.8 cm.
Stop length: 69.1 cm

Condition :
  Impeccable. Brand new

Provenance :
  Commissioned by Johan Grobbelaar, to his specifications. Now his property.

Price : Withheld
Sold with a good carry bag, but without a bow


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