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A good 1/4-size violin of German origin

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Ask any violin teacher who teaches small children and beginners what their biggest problem is and the answer in 90% of the cases is - the poor quality of the instruments parents buy for their children, usually under the pretext that they're not sure if the child will continue, so they don't want to spend money. The trouble with that rhetoric is that with a poor quality instrument the child is very unlikely not to continue, because there is no reward for sincere effort - NOTHING the child does can make such an instrument sound good and consequently the whole experience of taking lessons becomes a huge discouragement.

With this in mind I have endeavoured from time to time to import good quality child violins, of which this quarter-size violin is one. It is characterised by very good tone for its size - robust, balanced and even throughout the register, speaking with clarity, openness and responsiveness - easy to play on.

The materials are well chosen - a beautiful one-piece back and sides of nicely-figured maple with a medium curl. The top is of good tone spruce with a very fine narrow grain. Workmanship is excellent throughout - tidy work in the corners and the purfling neatly traced. Varnish is a lovely reddish brown colour over a yellow ground.

This violin passes as a serious instrument that allows the child to peform challenging pieces with conviction, opening the way for full musical expression - essential aspects allowing for rapid development of musical skills.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 28.6 cm
Stop length: 26.3 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. Brand new

Provenance :
  Owned by Johan Grobbelaar who selected and imported this violin.

Price : R3 950
Approx. US$ 360
Sold with a bow and case.


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