Ref :   0815

An unlabelled Italian Violin
of unknown authorship
Circa 1880 or later

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This is an unusually attractive violin in excellent condition. The striking one-piece back along with unusually fine material for the top is complimented by a really beautiful amber-coloured oil varnish in excellent state of preservation. It is also well-toned with clear exceptionally clean sound, easy to play on.

An unusual characteristic is that the top is of one solid piece of spruce with exceptionally fine close grain at the treble side, opening to a medium grain at the g-string side. Likewise, the lower rib is in one piece all the way round from c-bout to c-bout.

This violin follows quite blatantly the Amati model and may have been made as a deliberate copy of an Amati. All knowledgeable persons who examined it and played it concur that it is of Italian origin. The workmanship throughout is of an exceptional order, demonstrating care and steadiness. Purfling and cornerwork is impeccable, along with an elegant and refined scroll.

This violin is a very desirable and rewarding instrument - a pleasure to play on. It is eminently suitable for high-end performance of all genres.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.7 cm

Condition :
  Excellent condition. No cracks. The oil varnish entirely original and in excellent preservation.
The violin was found in a neglected condition and has been refurbished. It was opened to restore loose linings. Fingerboard, top saddle and pegs are recent.

Provenance :
  This violin belongs to Johan Grobbelaar.
Earlier provenance withheld.

Price : P.O.A.


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