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A good French violin by
(Active in Bordeaux 1740 - 1795)
Bordeaux, 1770

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Several sources - notably René Vannes and William Henley - list this maker, who was simply known as Feyzeau and indicate that he was active in Bordeaux from 1740 to 1796. Neither his first name nor further biographical details about him are available and we know him only through his work.

Henley refers to the latter in positive terms: "Whole contour very attractive. Corners particularly elegant, thoroughly well finished. Scroll and sound-holes gracefully designed."

And that holds true of this violin. The overall impression is of elegance and understatement. It appeals immediately and the f-holes and their positioning relative to the outline is very attractive. The colour is a really appealing reddish brown that gives more the impression of pink that of red-brown - quite unusual and successful.

It is in superb condition - the top is of tone spruce of very even medium grain of unusually good quality. The back and sides are of nicely flamed maple with a straight even narrow curl of excellent quality. The elegant scroll is highly refined and perfectly balanced, showing the hand of a real master. The neck is later and it is understood that the neck graft was done by Charles Beare - an impeccable affair of superb craftsmanship. Everything about this violin speaks of superb selection of materials, a steady and experienced hand and a good understanding of the tonal properties of wood, which in this case is well-exploited, as this violin is well-toned throughout the register.

This is a very pleasing instrument, both visually and violinistically.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.5 cm

Condition :
  Excellent condition. No cracks anywhere in the plates. Pegs have been rebushed. Varnish appears to be original.
Some untidiness along the back central seam is in the varnish only - the seam may have been repaired in the distant past and is perfectly secure.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.


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