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A very good violin bow stamped
Roderich Paesold
Probably by him
Bad Brambach, circa 1930

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The Paesold family business was established in 1848 by Johann Carl Paesold. During the 1920s and 30s his grandson, Roderich Paesold (b. 1891) had already at a young age established himself as a foremost German bow maker and was based in Bad Brambach. Just before World War II, Roderich Paesold went to England to discuss business, but due to hostilities with Germany he was not allowed to return home and was detained in England for the duration of the war. During those 6 years in England he studied the business model of W. E. Hill & Sons, who trained and employed the finest bow makers in the world to produce bows bearing the Hill stamp, and he decided to duplicate the model in Germany.

Upon returning to Germany he discovered that Paesold family business had gone into serious decline. In 1950 he took over control of company and moved it from Bad Brambach to Bubenreuth. Under his guidance the firm became one of the most important producers of very good violin bows, much in the same manner as W E Hill & Sons in England engaged the finest makers to produce top-end bows. Many of Germany's leading bow makers studied under Paesold and worked in his establishment before setting up their own studios. In 1981, some time after Paesold's death, the firm became integrated with Boosey & Hawkes, but from 2004 onwards it has again been in Paesold family ownership.

This bow is certainly older than 1950 and in general appearance and wear seems to be from the 1930s or maybe a bit later. If the markings on the frog underslide is in fact a date (which I believe it is), then it was made in 1929 to be exact and therefore very likely is the personal work of Roderick Paesold. It is stamped 'RODERICH PAESOLD **' in the usual place on the shaft and the frog bears his crest stamped into the near flank.

The stick is of pernambuco cut octagonally. The tip facing is of ivory. The ebony frog is mounted in silver and has a parisian eye. The three ring button is original to the stick. The lapping is of silver and the thumbpad of black leather.

The Paesold bows are generally noted for weight and solidity and in this respect this bow is no exception. This bow has a solid firm stick that affords good control, is well-balanced and produces clear tone with excellent articulation. In this case the bow tends to the heavy side (64.7 grams). It is beautifully firm and balanced with just the right amount flexibility. It is a real pleasure to play with.

Weight : 64.7 g

The Stick :
  Pernambuco cut to octagonal

The Nut :
  Ebony with a parisian eye. Original to the bow, free from cracks and stamped with the maker's crest in the near flank. The button appears to be the original.

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Silver lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
  This bow is structurally in good condition, free from repairs, but has worked very much: the thumbpad is worn and should be replaced. Furthermore, the nose of the ivory tip facing is missing. It would be advisable to have it replaced with a new intact bone or ,mammoth facing, since the use of ivory banned under CITES.

Provenance :

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