Ref :   0769

A good French violin bow, probably by
Charles Nicolas Bazin
Mirecourt, circa 1910

This bow was discovered in 2010 in a state of neglect and oblivion, but upon trying it, its fine playing properties were immediately apparent. It is an old bow showing signs of much wear as a consequence of use and was in need of some serious restoration. A full restoration has been undertaken by Svend Christensen in Johannesbug.

The bow is stamped BAZIN on the frog and also on the shaft, close to the adjuster button. It was a characteristic of C. N. Bazin sometimes to stamp his bows on both the frog and shaft and it is thought that this may be his work, but the bow still has to be subjected to an expert assessment to confirm this. Charles Nicolas Bazin was born in Mirecourt in 1847, started a workshop there in 1869 and died in the same town in 1915.

The stick is of very good Pernambuco, cut round. It is thought that both the frog and adjuster button are original. The lapping and thumbpad were recently done. The slide is new and the eye on the off-side was recently replaced. The original ivory tip slide was extremely worn and cracked and has been replaced with a new one of Mammoth ivory.

As it is now after restoration, this bow is fully serviceable and has excellent playing properties from every perspective, allowing for clear well-articulated playing.

Weight : 57 g

The Stick :
  Pernambuco, cut round

The Nut :
  Ebony with simple eye. Nut stamped BAZIN and probably the original. The off-side eye has been replaced, as well as the slide.

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Black imitation whalebone lapping with a leather thumbpad of darkbrown ostrich foot skin. All recent.

Tip Slide :
  Mammoth ivory, recent

Condition :
  This bow was fully restored in 2013 by Svend Christensen and in good condition.

Provenance :
  Now owned by Johan Grobbelaar. Earlier provenance withheld

Price : Withheld
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