Ref :   0765

A French violin from the studio of
Laberte & Magnié
Labelled J. V. Ferelli
Mirecourt, circa 1935

This French violin bears a label with the name J. V. Ferelli on it, and two handwritten dates - 1931 and 1908. J. V. Ferelli was a generic label used by the Mirecourt-based firm of Laberte & Magnié between 1910 and 1940 (according to Baxter). The Laberte firm was established in 1790 by an ancestor of Marc Laberte (b. 1880) Henley however points out that Laberte's amalgamation with the Fourier-Magnié firm only happened in 1925, so this label came in to use only from that time onwards, hence this violin was likely made after 1925, probably in 1931, as shown by the handwritten date in it. What the 1908 in it stands for is anyone's guess.

This violin was found in some state of neglect but has suffered absolutely no structural damage and is in excellent condition. Some marks in the varnish are merely superficial. It has been fully refurbished and is virtually as when it was made.

It has a strong, clean and well-balanced tone.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 360 mm

Condition :
  Very good. No cracks or structural damage. Some superficial marks in the varnish. A wooden pin is inserted in the button, through into the neck - this has no impact on the structural integrity of the violin. New bridge and pegs have been fitted.

Provenance :
  This violin belongs to Johan Grobbelaar. Earlier provenance unknown.

Price : Withheld


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