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Basic Brazil Redwood
Student Violin Bows
Several are available

These bows are made mainly for students and the aim is to provide the student with advantages of a good wooden stick and traditional fittings as opposed to the usual beginner's fare of bows made of man-made fibres. The rhetoric behind this is simple - a wooden bow responds differently and better to a player's intentions than bows of other fibres. Hence a child or beginner is exposed from the onset to the experience of playing with a wooden bow and to dealing with the specific response and characteristics of a wooden stick, which is different from bows made of man-made fibres.

This bow is of very finely grained Brazil Redwood (Massaranduba) cut into a round stick. The hardwood frog is mounted in chrome-nickel with a matching three-ring adjuster button (see photos). It also has a real mother-of-pearl eye and slide and tip slide is of bone. The bow has chrome-nickel lapping and a leather thumbpad. At 64 cm the hair length is within normal specs. The weight of individual bows vary from 60 gm to 63 gm, which favors firmness rather than lightness.

These bows have good response, balance and articulation.

Weight : Individual bows vary from 60 - 63 gm.
Hair length: 64 cm.

The Stick :
  Red Massaranduba (Brazil Redwood)

The Nut :
  Stained hardwood

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Chrome-nickel lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
  Excellent. Brand new

Price : R950
Approximately US$ 45
Excluding delivery.
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