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Basic Brazil Redwood
1/2-size Student Violin Bows
Several are available

These bows are made mainly for students and the aim is to provide the student with advantages of a good wooden stick and traditional fittings as opposed to the usual beginners fare of bows made of man-made fibres. The rhetoric behind this is simple - a wooden bow responds differently and better to a player's intentions than bows of other fibres. Hence a child or beginner is exposed from the onset to the experience of playing with a wooden bow and to dealing with the specific response and characteristics of a wooden stick, as opposed to other cheap perfunctory beginner bows of man-made fibres.

This bow is of very finely grained Brazil Redwood (Massaranduba) cut into a round stick. The hardwood frog is mounted in chrome-nickel with a matching three-ring button (see photos). It also has a real mother-of-pearl eye and slide and tip slide is of bone. The bow has chrome-nickel lapping and a leather thumbpad. At 53.5 cm the hair length is within normal 1/2-size specs. The weight is 48 gm, which is perfect for its size. These bows have good response, balance and articulation.

Weight : 48 gm. Hair length: 53 cm.

The Stick :
  Red Massaranduba (Brazil Redwood)

The Nut :
  Stained hardwood

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Chrome-nickel lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
  Excellent. Brand new

Price : R750
Approximately US$ 39
Excluding delivery.
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