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Very good 4/4 (3/4) and 1/2 size
Shoulder Rests
Of Chinese origin

In comparing this shoulder rest with other similar models, it can be said confidently that this design is more versatile and adaptive - the mere fact that the brackets can be folded down for easier storage in a violin case is already a major advantage!

The design results in a very firm yet malleable support - a soft strip of black neoprene covers the black molded plastic base designed ergonomically to fit the curve between the chin an upper shoulder. The two brackets that attach to the violin is not only fully adjustable in height, but also can be adjusted to suit the width of a particular instrument or the angle at which the shoulder rest is fitted to the violin. The adjuster buttons are sturdy and screw into bronze nuts which are molded into the base.

This means that the shoulder rest can be fully adjusted to the musician's physical individualism and to the particular sizes of individual instruments. All adjustments can be made by hand - no tools are needed.

What is really nice is that the rubber padding over the brackets attaching to the violin itself, are molded into the required shape, other than the old surgical rubber pipe pieces fitted onto the older models, which used to wear out and damage instruments, whilst no replacement pieces could be obtained anywhere. They are much more durable than the precursors of these type of shoulder rests.

These are superb items, strong, of good design. The best part is that they come at a better price than similar competitive models, while remaining of a similar quality.

These violin shoulder rests are available in full-size (which is adjustable to also fit - size instruments) and in half-size. The photos show both the full and half-size models.

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Dimensions :
  Standard 4/4 (3/4) and 1/2-size, fully adjustable to fit all normal-sized instruments.

Price : R 725 (4/4 & 3/4 size)
R 695 (1/2 size)
Price excludes packaging & postage


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