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A very good quality well-toned
Half-size Child's Violin
Sold with a case and bow.

These little half-size violins are exceptionally beautiful, very well-made and sound absolutely fantastic. They look and feel like real big violins and will not fail to create in a child a sense of pride in owning such a beautiful instrument. The greatest advantage in these particular instruments is that they reward effort! - the child can actually produce a decent sound with the right work and that serves as massive incentive. Poor quality beginners violins simply never produce a decent sound and no matter what you do, and how hard the child tries, the results are always poor - usually a huge discouragement and a sure way to kill any desire to pursue learning to play violin.

These little violins top-end beginner trade instruments where excellent workmanship, very good tone and fine materials meet in a good, satisfying, responsive and affordable, instrument. They compete with the output of some leading master instrument builders, providing an accessible alternative to the expensive fine hand made instruments. They are characterised by really excellent workmanship that respects the finer points of good violinmaking, and by really good tone and responsiveness that open the way for full musical expression - essential aspects allowing for rapid development of musical skills.

The materials are well chosen - with these half-size violins the back is always in one piece. The back and sides are consistently of good quality maple. The top is of good tone spruce, always with a clear attractive straight medium grain. It is the tidy work in the corner mitres, the neatly traced purfling and attention to detail in the f-holes that show the serious intent behind these instruments.What really impresses is that no shortcuts are taken simply because these are small instruments for children. For example, the insides are correctly crafted, fully blocked and lined with an impeccably fitted bass bar. The chinrests are Guarneri-type. The tailpieces are elegant with built-in adjusters.

Here is an item that should instill in a child a sense of pride a imbue a love for his instrument, and consequently for music. These violins have rich and open tone throughout the register. Each instrument is set up to the exact correct specs for control and quality of the tone - no half measures, guess work or approximations - they are correctly set up.

These violins are fitted with good advanced student-type strings, but professional quality strings will enhance the tone even more and can be fitted optionally on request at an additional cost.

The bow that comes with this violin is a basic half-size student bow of what seems to be Brazil wood, cut into a round stick. The bow responds as do good wooden bows and is a cut above fibre glass bows. The frog is mounted in chrome-nickel with a matching three-ring button. It also has a real mother-of-pearl eye and slide and tip slide is of bone. The bow has chrome-nickel lapping and a leather thumbpad. The hair length is 53.5 cm and weight at 48 gm is perfect for this size.
This bow passes as a 'real' bow and should teach a child even at young age to deal with the specific behaviour wooden bows as opposed to other cheap perfunctory beginner bows. It is an excellent match for the violin.

The violin comes in a good quality half-size zipped shaped canvas case. One immediately notices the proper moulded carry handle as opposed to velcroed straps in more basic cases. There is a fairly large zipped pocket on the lid to carry music and other items in. Inside the violin fits snugly into a moulded recess and is held in position with a velcro strap over the neck to prevent it from flopping around inside (see photos). The case has two bow clips, a little compartment for rosin etc, and has carry straps that can be fitted of removed optionally. The case is moulded from a light weight material and is very sturdy, providing good protection against rough handling.


Dimensions :
  Standard half-size Stradivari model.
Length of back: 31 cm
String length: 28.5 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. Brand new.

Price : On request
Sold with a bow and case


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