Ref :   0745

A very interesting fine cello of
Unknown Origin
Probably Italian, circa 1890
Labelled 'Joanes Gagliano, 1805'

This interesting cello has a replica Joanes Gagliano label in it, dated 1805. However, there are too many disparities between this label and known labels of that maker for it to be taken seriously. Furthermore, the cello is not as old as is claimed on the label (1805) and appears rather to have been made in the late 19th or maybe early 20th century. No one truly believes that this is Joanes Gagliano's work, but that hardly distracts from a superbly crafted instrument with excellent tonal properties.

This is a visually appealing instrument. One is immediately struck by the superb choice of materials evident throughout this cello. The two-piece back is of a well-flamed maple with a distinct narrow curl that runs straight across the back. The ribs are impressive - of excellent clearly-flamed maple with the same straight narrow curl. The scroll is beautifully cut, with great attention to detail. The top is of finely grained tone spruce - of low arching, which undoubtedly contributes to this instrument's strength and projection of tone.

Throughout this cello is in excellent condition. The only evident repairs are to a wing crack on the treble f-hole, and to the front's two lower corners which have both been replaced expertly.

This cello is superbly toned and eminently fit for solo work.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size, Stradivari model

Condition :
  Excellent condition. The only discernable repairs are to a wing crack on the treble f-hole and the two lower corners of the top are replaced. All parts and varnish appear to be the original.

Provenance :
  The earliest known information is that this cello was brought to South Africa from Belgium in about 1930. Later ownership withheld.

Price : P.O.A.


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