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A very good Italian violin by
Luigi Auciello
(1881 - 1971)
Milan, 1927

Luigi Auciello (1881-1971) was born in Molfetta, Italy, and spent most of his working life in Milan. He initially worked in Via Londonio, but later settled in Via Scarpi. By the time this violin was made (in 1927), he was an established and experienced maker at the peak of his abilities.

This violin bears the maker's brand in the back, just below the button. The same brand is in the inside, next to the label (see photos). This, along with the label, clearly identifies this as the authentic work of Luigi Auciello. Both René Vannes and Karel Jalovec not only list this maker, but reproduced his label in their books - this label is the same, except that the studio address is different. Henley also lists him, saying that Auciello 'Made special investigations in the upper and lower apertures of the sound-holes to arrive at tonal perfection - all details of workmanship and varnish completely splendid.'

What impresses, when one first sees this violin, is its excellent condition. Although made in 1927, it is in impeccable state - no discernable repairs or cracks anywhere with hardly a scratch in the varnish. Compared with photos of known instruments by this maker, one can assume that, at this time, this is one of the finest examples of his work from that period.

This violin has a beautiful one-piece back and ebony crown on the button. The back, sides, neck and scroll are of mildly flamed maple with a narrow curl, all likely from the same piece wood. The top is of good tone spruce with a medium to narrow grain. The brown varnish is highly transparent, allowing the materials to be appreciated. The purfling is slightly heavy and ponderous, but that does not detract from an appealing fine instrument. The scroll is elegant and 'light'.

This violin is characterized by unusually good tonal properties. It is clear that this is what Auciello aimed for - a strong, rich tone with carrying power. It is unusually light and speaks easily with richness throughout its range. If you want a big, rich Italian tone and an instrument that is easy to play on, this violin should satisfy.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 36.0 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. No cracks or discernable repairs.

Provenance :
  Current ownership withheld. This violin was last set up by the important Dutch violin establishment, Max Moller & Zoon, in Amsterdam, probably in the 1960s or 70s.

Price : P.O.A.


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