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A very good violin bow by
Heinz Dölling
(1913 - ?)
Wernitzgrün, c. 1950

The French authority, René Vannes, referred to Heinz Dölling as a 'master bow maker', stating furthermore that his bows are highly esteemed, not only in Germany, but also abroad. This is reiterated by Karel Jalovec who calls him 'excellent' and adds that Dölling's bows were sought after and 'used by many leading virtuosi, including Yehudi Menuhin, both David and Igor Oistrakh, Prof. G. Fritsche, Prof. Föhr, Prof. Wegmann and others.'

Heinz Dölling was born in Markneukirchen in1913 and was a pupil of his father, Otto Dölling. He moved to Wernitzgrün in 1938 where he worked for Paul Seckendorf and where he opened his own studio in 1946. His work was based largely on French models, which he studied and copied in great detail.

This bow is a good example of Heinz Dölling's work, also demonstrating his grasp of the French 'feel' of a bow. The bow is very light, yet does not feel light at all. This 'illusion' of weight is anchored in its superb articulation and balance. It does everything just right, and allows for excellent and easy spiccato. When playing with it, it is immediately evident that this is not an ordinary bow by an average maker, but rather that is comes from the hand of someone who really understood bows and the deeper dynamics of the manner in which a bow interacts with the instrument and the player.

The bow is stamped Heinz Dölling and bears the maker's crest in the flank of the nut, confirming that the nut is the original. The bow appears to be original in all its parts, except for the tip slide which is recent and of mammoth ivory.

Weight : 55.1 g

The Stick :
  Good pernambuco cut to a round stick.

The Nut :
  Ebony with a simple eye. Original - stamped with maker's crest

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Silver lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :
  Mammoth ivory. Recent

Condition :
  Good condition. All parts original, except the tip slide. Thumbpad somewhat worn at the thumb grip

Provenance :

Price : Withheld
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