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An East-European 3/4-size violin made in
Circa 1960

During the 1950s into the mid-60s Czechoslovakia was an important producer of trade string instruments which somehow made their way to various corners of the world. In the 60s their market was gradually taken over by an emergent Japanese and later Chinese industry in the production of trade instruments aimed at beginners and amateurs.

These Czechoslovakian instruments are easily identified by a fairly high-gloss spirit varnish of various shades of brown, shaded in a characteristic way. Sometimes, but not always, the label indicated the origin as being Czechoslovakia. (That country existed only from 1918 until 1993, when it was split into its original pre-soviet lands, being the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Before 1918 that region was known as Bohemia.)

This violin is made much in the tradition of Czechoslovakian trade output - with the characteristic high gloss varnish, somewhat on the brittle side, but nevertheless made of very good materials. In this case the violin is only slightly based on the Stainer model and is branded with that maker's name on the back, just under the button, and is also fitted with a generic Stainer label. The fingerboard is of hardwood stained black, in which some of the black has been worn away to reveal the lighter colour wood beneath. It's interesting to note that the nice "flames" on the back and ribs are in fact stained into the varnish - the wood is really quite plain. Although deceptive, his is not altogether unattractive.

This little violin is in very good condition - no cracks or discernable repairs. It is fitted with a modern tailpiece with built-in adjusters which make the tuning a lot easier for a child.

It is several cuts above the really cheap Chinese instruments which are currently being imported relentlessly by the ton by self-seeking individuals driven by financial imperatives, and which has flooded our market - of such poor quality that it guarantees to stifle any enjoyment a child may have in learning to play the violin.

This little violin is well-toned with a healthy and robust sound, nicely balanced and responsive, with good projection. This violin would assist a child greatly to make rapid progress, as it certainly gives reward for effort.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 33.8 cm

Condition :
  Very good. No cracks or discernable repairs. Some superficial marks consistent with a 50-year old child violin. Black staining worn away on parts of the fingerboard.

Provenance :

Price : On request
The violin is sold with its original case, a bow and a suitable chin rest. The bow may need some attention.

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