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A very good and rare Italian violin by
Erminio Farina
(1885 - 1917)
Milan, 1913

Whenever the name of Erminio Farina is mentioned, two things come to mind: firstly, that he died at the ridiculously young age of 32. And secondly, that he was one of the most supremely gifted Italian violin makers of his generation.

Erminio Farina (1885-1917) was born in Milan and was a foremost pupil of Riccardo Antoniazzi (1858-1913). His violins and violas are based largely on the models and style of his teacher and are today in great demand by professional musicians throughout the world. His varnish however, tends to be more red-brown than that of Antoniazzi.

This violin, with its splendid one-piece back, demonstrates Farina's mastery in every respect, from the superb scroll, to the tracing of the purfling and the controlled corner-work. The instrument is in exceptionally good condition. Other than a broken corner on the front (which has since been repaired in London), the only evident repair is to a wing crack on the g-string side - cleated internally and so well sealed that it is virtually invisible.

In addition to the signed and dated label, authenticity is further established by the fact that the violin is branded internally in several places with Farina's brand.

Obviously, considering his untimely death, Farina's instruments are really rare and of high value. It is very gratifying to find one of his violins in such superb condition.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 36.1 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. The only evident repairs are to a wing crack (virtually invisible) and to one corner on the front, recently done in London.

Provenance :

Price : P.O.A.
This violin is currently available in London. For more information, please contact me directly.


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