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A fine cello by
(b. 1951)
Faerie Glen, South Africa. 2005

The South African violin maker, Hannes Jacobs, is a member of the Southern Californian Association of Violin Makers. He always uses well-seasoned, attractive European materials, as is evidenced in this instrument, which was completed in 2005. The choice of wood in this cello is excellent and tonally the instrument is well-crafted.

Every aspect of this cello convinces one of a high level of skill and mastery in execution - a steady and experienced hand throughout. This is particularly evident in the tracing of the purfling, the corner work and the fine execution of the f-holes, nicely fluted in the palettes. However, it is the scroll that really impresses - strong yet elegant, and well-balanced, beautifully executed from a piece of unusually attractive and well-flamed maple. The two-piece back and sides are of nicely flamed maple with a straight narrow curl. The top is of high grade tone-spruce with an even, narrow grain throughout.

Hannes Jacobs' varnish generally varies from a pale golden honey colour, as is the case in this instrument, to light brown in many of his violins. Using only oil-based varnishes, he has developed his own technique for applying varnish to his instruments, always resulting in a very appealing, smooth, appearance, almost velvety to the touch. The cello has attractive fittings, carefully chosen to match the pale varnish.

Jacobs sees an instrument as one sees a child: "Some things they inherit from me, other things they just do by themselves. I hope that with time they will mature even more."


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model

Condition :
  Excellent. No evident repairs or cracks anywhere. The cello has been opened once by the maker to adjust thicknesses.

Provenance :
  The cello was obtained directly from the maker by its current owner. Ownership withheld.

Price : Withheld


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