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A good French violin by the firm of
Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy ('JTL')
Mirecourt, circa 1890

The most striking feature of this violin is its tone - big, beautiful, nicely balanced and responsive to demands and nuances. By all standards this is a good violin that would stand a talented violinist in good stead - it allows for the easy performance of demanding works. Furthermore, it has an attractive one-piece back - much a trademark of good JTL instruments. The rest of the materials are consistently good. The craftsmanship is excellent and the violin was made with attention to detail.

It's previous owner was adult lady who played on it professionally in an orchestra for many years. As was common with the "JTL" instruments, it is fitted with a generic fake lable of a well-known maker - in this case Gaudagnini, although it has manifestly nothing to do with that maker.

Not familiar with with "JTL"? During the early 19th century, the family of Thibouville-Lamy established a large studio in Mirecourt, and for many years they set the French standard for high-quality trade instruments. Known as Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy Pty Ltd, the company was commonly referred to as "JTL". Many important French violinmakers at some point either worked for this company, or served on its dirctorship. In 1908 they were joined by Hugues-Emile Blondelet, initiating their zenith period between the years of 1908 and 1928, the year of Blondelet's death. Instruments from that era are greatly respected, not only for the excellent materials used in their production, but also for the fine workmanship displayed in the majority of their output.

The JTL firm was still operating in 1930, maintaining its same high standards. Their productions were always good - well-made solid instruments of excellent materials and with good tone. All their instruments are appealing to the eye - the backs usually are very attractive and the varnish pleasing.

This violin is sold with copy of a 1995 certificate by the noted violin maker, Timothy Crake, authenticating it as the work of JTL made around 1890. (Note that Tim Crake eventually moved to New Zealand where, sadly, he passed away on 19 September 2011.) After some 120 years, this violin has matured well and would be a worthy acquisition for an ambitious and deserving violinist - excellent value for money.


Dimensions :
  Length of back: 35.1 cm

Condition :
  Excellent condition. The only discernable repair is to a minor crack in the pegbox between the a-string peg and the scroll - now stable.

Provenance :
  Withheld. Formerly the property of a lady.

Price : P.O.A.
The international price history for a JTL violin in good condition shows a retail price of US$3000 - $4000.


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