Ref :   0687

A good Solo Cello, made for, and to the specifications of
Johan Grobbelaar
for the Violin Connection of Southern Africa

This is an impressive instrument made of unusually beautiful European materials. The tone is of soloistic quality - very strong and balanced with a lot of carrying power and penetration. It is eminently suitable for solo work.

This cello was especially commissioned by this dealership and it took 2 months to complete. The objective was an instrument with strong soloistic properties. The result is an instrument representing an amalgam of excellent workmanship and an excellent choice of materials resulting in excellent tonal properties which competes with the best output of some leading master instrument builders.

The two-piece back and sides are of excellent European maple with a distinct fine straight curl that truly appeals. The top is of medium to finely grained tone spruce. The neck and scroll is of broader flame. The red-brown oil varnish beautifully compliments the wood. Purfling and corner work is superb.

This cello convinces as a serious instrument that conforms to all the qualities one would expect from a professional cello.

Please note: This cello was recently sold to a foremost young student cellist, but is left here for reference and as example of this type of instrument that can be ordered through this dealership. For more information. please contact me directly - JG.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model

Condition :
  Impeccable - a new instrument.

Provenance :
  Commissioned and imported by Johan Grobbelaar, and recently sold to an important student cellist.

Price : Withheld


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