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A good silver-mounted violin bow of
Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre (CF) bows crept into the music world surreptitiously over the past 15 years or so, but are now here to stay, having gained greatly in general acceptance. Whereas CF bows initially were not much more than experimental and faddish with much to wish for, today's CF bows have been refined to a degree where it is difficult to discern the differences in playing properties between a good CF bow and a traditional wooden bow, except when it gets to the really top-end and expensive pernambuco bows, where wood certainly is better. Also, the typical bow weights correspond to the parameters expected in wooden bows.

Interestingly, initially carbon fibre bows were coloured brown to hide the fact that they were of carbon fibre. Although today one can still obtain CF bows stained to imitate wood, CF bows have now gained so much acceptance that they are now left black (the original colour).

Why use a carbon fibre bow?

Whereas soloists would not use them for important performances, they have become quite common among orchestra players who often work in situations where a lot of close human movement create a high-risk environment in which countless bows have been damaged or broken. This would be typical of opera house orchestra pits with their very cramped workspace. Furthermore, various ensembles, session players and sometimes orchestras play in open air situations that could be detrimental to a good wooden bow.

Also, CF bows are not susceptible to temperature or humidity changes, which could have serious consequences for wooden bows. Another advantage - they don't warp or twist or bend with time. They are also infinitely more durable and resilient, don't break as easily as wooden bows and consequently are more suitable for children who often don't look after their bows.

Can CF bows break? Yes, they can with adequate force - the carbon fibre doesn't break, but such bows are usually encased in a type of hard transparent exterior finish which can crack if forced or bent hard enough. But that doesn't happen easily.

Carbon fibre bows come in many different grades. The techniques used in producing these bows are quite universal, irrespective of the source. All CF bows sold by this dealership is of high quality, with silver-mounted ebony frogs.

Individual bows may vary slightly in lapping, frogs and buttons from the one shown in the photographs below.

Weight : 61.6 g

The Stick :
  Carbon Fibre

The Nut :
  Ebony, with Parisian eye

Mountings :
  Full silver mounting with plain silver adjuster button.

Lapping :
  Silver lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :

Condition :
  New, unused

Provenance :
  The property of Johan Grobbelaar

Price : R4 500
26 of these bows were sold during over the past two years - evidence of their acceptance and popularity.
Individual bows may differ in minor detail from the one shown in the photos below.
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