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A Good Cello selected and imported by
Johan Grobbelaar
for the Violin Connection of Southern Africa

This cello is one of a consignment of instruments recently imported by this dealership. So superb was the quality that all were sold within days of arriving, demonstrating the desperate need for really good quality affordable cellos. This instrument is the only one left and there is a new consignment on order which should be here soon.

This cello represents the top-end trade fare that is increasingly establishing itself in the international arena where excellent workmanship, very good tone and fine European materials meet in a good, satisfying, responsive and above all, affordable, instrument. These instruments compete with the best output of some leading master instrument builders, providing an accessible alternative to the expensive fine hand made instruments produced in some of the leading European violinmaking studios.

This cello is new, but has been artificially "antiqued" to look much older and worn than it actually is. Today such antiquing is no longer regarded as trickery or deceit, but is perfectly acceptable and very much the norm in lutherie. It is interesting to note that antiquing is an anticipated or required technique in many of the world's important international violin making competitions and trade fairs. For example, in the 2011 Violin Society of America Violin Making Competition in Cleveland, the gold medal for a violin was awarded to an instrument fully antiqued to the extent that it was virtually indistinguishable from an authentic 18th violin.

A striking feature of this particular cello is its one-piece back - of nicely flamed maple with a mild medium curl (see photos). This is attractive and desirable, as it is difficult and costly to find a single piece of wood big enough for a complete cello back. And this cello has good tone - even throughout and speaking with openness and responsiveness, easy to play on. The materials are well chosen - the sides appear to be matched with the wood of the beautiful one-piece back, showing attention to detail and to the traditions of good lutherie. Workmanship is very good throughout - tidy work in the corners and purfling neatly traced. Varnish is a strong amber to red-brown oil-based application that really nicely compliments the wood.

Here we don't see any of the typical "trade look" and cheapness that usually go along with the low grade products that are systematically imported to fill the shortage of beginner cellos in the country. This cello passes with conviction as a "serious" instrument that conforms to all the requirements one may have for a professional instrument.


Dimensions :
  Standard full-size Stradivari model.

Condition :
  Excellent condition, brand new. All aging on the cello is artificial and superficial.

Provenance :

Price : Withheld
Of a consignment of several of these cellos, this is the only one left. The others sold almost immediately on arrival.


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