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A fine gold-mounted violin bow stamped Albert Nürnberger and probably by
Franz Albert Nürnberger
(1854 - 1931)
Markneukirchen, Circa 1890 or earlier

This bow has undergone some needed restoration, more the consequence of extensive wear for over a century, than of any damage. This work has added many more decades to this bow's expected usefulness.

This is bow is very old and is almost certainly the work of Franz Albert Nürnberger (1854 - 1931) who is the most celebrated of the Nürnberger bow makers. Considering the wear on the stick a calculated guess would put its origin at about 1890 or earlier. The bow is simply stamped ALBERT NÜRNBERGER which corresponds to this maker's stamp. (Stars flanking the name, as is commonly seen with Nürnbergers, were only introduced in 1920 by this maker's son, which puts this bow some time before that date.) The name stamp on this bow is very worn as are the facets next to the adjuster button, which have by now worn almost round. Other than the wear mentioned, this stick is in excellent condition without repairs or cracks. It appears that the adjuster-shaft mortise may have been rebushed at some time in the past, further attesting to the bow's age.

The octagonal stick is of truly exquisite wine-red deeply flamed pernambuco. Wood like this can no longer be found. The frog is in gold-mounted tortoise shell with a simple eye. The solid golden heel-plate is the original, bearing the maker's emblem and the '9ct' stamp. The adjuster button is of the same solid rose-gold, fits perfectly and is probably the original. The recently-made ferule imitates this rose gold, complete with 9ct stamp.

This bow has truly excellent playing properties - it is exceptionally stable, fabulously balanced and has superb articulation - in all it lives up fully to its gold-mount status and to the quality of work associated Franz Albert Nürnberger I.

Weight :
  60.2 g

The Stick :
  Wine-red well-flamed pernambuco, cut to octagonal. Excellent condition, but with some wear in the grip area.

The Nut :
  Tortoise-shell. Original to the stick. Eyelet recently replaced with one from the same period. Eye on the nut's off-side flank later. Ferule of 9ct rose-gold done in 2012. Underslide probably later. Tortoise shell on off-side flank well restored.

Mountings :
  Solid 9ct rose-gold. Button of solid matching rose-gold, probably the original.

Lapping :
  White whalebone. Burgundy thumbpad of South African Ostrich leg skin.

Tip Slide :
  Mammoth ivory.

Condition :
  The stick shows some wear, but is otherwise in excellent condition.

Provenance :
  This bow was initially owned by the Danish violinmaker, Amon Bilmark (1894 - 1961) who was a pupil of Simone Sacconi. Bilmark sold it to the prominent concert violinist and teacher, George Walker (1915 - 2003), who used it as his prinicipal bow until his death. This bow was then bought by Johan Grobbelaar. Current ownership withheld.

Price : On request
This is a rare bow in superb condition. Furthermore, tortoise-shell gold-mounted bows are the highest rating. This bow has truly superb playing properties.
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