Ref :   0667

A very good child's cello
Small 1/4-size
Probably German or East European. Circa 1940 or before

This is a small instrument of very good quality, with unusually good tonal properties. With a back length of only 54.3 cm it appears to be smaller than a standard size and would be ideal for a very small talented child.

It is tuned to the correct cello pitch and not an octave higher.

This unlabelled cello was used already in the early 1950s, after having been imported by J. J. van de Geest - an important dealer in Johannesburg who was known for discernment in the acquisition of instrument for his clients. Even then the instrument was not new - it seems to date from the 1940s or late 1930s and is probably of German or East European origin.

The materials are well-chosen and workmanship is good. The scroll in particular shows attention, care and balance - unusual in such small instruments. The fingerboard is of a stained hardwood and shows no wear after some 70 years.

The tail-piece has been replaced since the photos were taken - by one with built-in adjusters.

The little cello is unusually responsive and tonally very satisfying. Tone is well-balanced and open and of good quality. It rewards effort and should allow for the excellent progress of a talented child.

This instrument is sold without a bow or softbag.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 54.3 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. Free from cracks or discernable repairs. Recently completely checked and refurbished. New strings, bridge and top saddle. The tailpiece has been replaced since the photos were taken by one with built-in adjusters.

Provenance :
  This cello was imported into South Africa by J J van de Geest and sold to the present owner's parents in about 1954. Current ownership withheld.

Price : Withheld


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