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A cello bow of
German Origin
Germany, c. 1950 or earlier.

German trade bows aimed at non-German distribution abroad is usually stamped with the English word Germany under the shaft, between the nut and the adjuster button. This was commonly the case in the more commercial output of the Pfretzschner firm and usually with trade bows stamped Alfred Knoll, and many others. This bow bears such a stamp, albeit very faintly, thereby clearly identifying its origin as being German trade. The Louis Bazin stamp is merely generic and does not even resemble that maker's personal stamp. This bow, manifestly, has nothing to do with Louis Bazin.

The round stick is of pernambuco, but all fittings are consistent with German commercial imperatives, demonstrated in this case by the work on the champher. I doubt if the adjuster button is original to the bow, but I believe the nut is.

It appears that an effort had been made to remove the Germany stamp with sanding paper and scraping, likely in an effort to offer the bow for sale as the authentic work of Louis Bazin. This very bow had in fact been sold to its present owner as a Bazin 'without papers' and at a price considerably higher than its correct value as a German trade bow. This poor cellist believed it to be Bazin's work until I pointed out that it is manifestly a trade bow and found the remains of the trade stamp. Unfortunately such unscrupulous practice is still common within South Africa.

This nevertheless remains a good bow in good condition and perfectly good for some serious cello playing.

Weight :
  81 g

The Stick :
  Round pernambuco

The Nut :
  Ebony, simple eye, seems to be original to the stick. Structurally secure. The adjuster button does not seem to be the original.

Mountings :

Lapping :
  Nickel-silver lapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :
  Appears to be bone.

Condition :
  Very good condition, free from repairs.

Provenance :

Price : Withheld
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