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A very fine violin by
Matthias Klotz
(1656 - 1743)
Mittenwald, 1730

Sold with the original of a certificate of authenticity by J. J. van de Geest
dated 14 January 1953

This violin no longer has its label, but comes with a 1953 certificate by the eminent Dutch authority, J. J. van de Geest, stating that it is the work of Matthias Klotz, made in Mittenwald and dated 1730.

Matthias Klotz (1656 - 1743), who is generally considered to have founded the violin making centre of Mittenwald, had his initial lessons in this craft under Jacob Stainer in Absam, but eventually (at age 15) left for Italy to complete his skills in Cremona under Niccolò Amati (who was also Antonio Stradivari's teacher). He earned Amati's approval to such an extent that it incurred the extreme jealousy of his fellow apprentices and led to his departure from Amati. After some time back in Mittenwald, he again set out for Italy, this time to Padua, in an effort to establish a violin making centre there. However, he eventually returned permanently to Mittenwald.

This violin is characterized by unusually beautiful tone - clear and strong, but with colour and beauty and which betrays the Italian foundations of Matthias Klotz's training. It was the principal instrument of the important South African concert violinist, Susan Sauerman, who retired some years ago. It has been used extensively for solo recitals and chamber music concerts and has always attracted favorable comments about its tone from audiences.

This instrument is in extremely good condition for an instrument of 288 years old. In 1953 the important Dutch authority, J. J. van de Geest described this violin as being 'in a very fine state of preservation.' By all standards this is an excellent acquisition for a serious professional musician and also a very good investment.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 35.6 cm. Bouts: 16.4 cm, 11.3 cm, 20.6 cm. Rib height: 27.5 mm at neck, 29.5 mm at the endpin.

Condition :
  Very good condition. The only discernable repairs are two wingcracks (correctly repaired and cleated) and a minor crack from the top of the left f-hole upwards - also cleated and hardly discernable. It appears there was a neck button graft done - almost imperceptable. Neck elevation is excellent. Original varnish is intact.

Provenance :
  This was the principal instrument of Susan Sauerman who, during the 1960s, 70s and 80s was a foremost South African concert violinist and soloist, concert master and lecturer in violin at various universities. It was sold in behalf of Ms Sauerman through this dealership in 2011. Current ownership withheld.

Price : Withheld


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