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A very fine French violin bow by
Eugène Sartory
(1871 - 1946)
Paris. c. 1930

Finding a Sartory violin bow in such a pristine state about 80 years after it was made, is a rare and exciting discovery.

The importance of Eugène Sartory in the world of bow making needs no introduction. His bows are universally admired by string players as being among the most desirable.

Eugène Sartory was born in Mirecourt, France, in 1871. After initially studying bowmaking with his father, he worked under Peccatte in Paris and later with Lamy until he opened his own workshop in Paris. He died in 1946.

This bow is virtually unused and appears as new. It is original in all its parts, except for the tip slide, the lapping and thumbpad. It may have been made towards the end of Sartory's life.

The stick is of unusually fine pernambuco of great beauty with a rich vertical flame, cut round. The nut is in very good condition and is the original to the stick. The fit is impeccable. The bow also bears Sartory's stamp under the lapping. (See photo below.)

This bow was found in a state of considerable neglect - without hair, lapping or thumbpad. The tip slide (- not the original when the bow was found) had been poorly fitted and has since been replaced by a slide of mammoth ivory. The lapping and thumbpad are new. The stick is perfectly straight.

The cleanup and refitting of this bow was undertaken by Svend Christensen - a French-trained bowmaker, who did excellent and meticulous work on it. Several South African craftsmen who have seen this bow have commented that it is one of the most beautiful bows they have seen in years.

This bow has incredibly good playing properties and appears to have been made with virtuoso bowing techniques in mind. It lends superb articulation to playing and is particularly well-suited for rapid and light bowing techniques. It has fabulous balance and 'feel' - a masterful amalgam of light suppleness with firmness that allows for the finest control.

This is an exceptionally good bow, in pristine condition.

Weight :
  60.1 g

The Stick :
  Unusually attractive pernambuco, cut round. Stamped with the maker's stamp. (A second stamp is under the wrapping.) Perfectly straight.

The Nut :
  Ebony with Parisian eye; plain silver adjuster button - all original to the stick.

Mountings :

Wrapping :
  Black wrapping, with black leather thumbpad - all recent.

Tip Slide :
  Mammoth ivory - recent. The previous slide was not original and was poorly fitted, necessitating replacement

Condition :
  Impeccable condition, virtually unused. The only blemish is a tiny mark on the tip's left flank, on the edge of the champher - probably the result of careless rehairing.

Provenance :
  This bow is owned by Johan Grobbelaar, who bought it from a private collector. Its previous provenance is unknown, but it is believed to have been part of a musician's instrument collection involving another violin bow by Sartory and an important violin by the Grancino brothers.

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